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A Machine Learning Global Illumination renderer based on PBRTv3

blendPBRTv3 - PBRTv3 Blender Exporter Plugin

A simple and minimal exporter for Blender 2.79 for PBRTv3.

Installation guide: InstallBlenderExporterOnly


Tested on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and Blender 2.79.

Known issues

PBRT example scenes




In Blender, you can set the PBRT binaries directory, which should point point to the directory that contains the pbrt and obj2pbrt executables. The user-set directory overrides any internal variables and included PBRT distributions.

The exporter is also able to use pbrt if it is present in the PATH.

Exporter supported features

General features


Almost all configurable channels in materials can be assigned an image texture instead. When an image texture is linked, the constant value is overridden.


Environment lighting is supported as a constant color or a light probe image in .PNG or .EXR formats. The light probe image values are multiplied by both the magnitude and the fixed color, so make sure both are non-black.