One Shot Radiance: Convolutional Auto-encoders Deeper in Ray Tracing

Welcome to the pbrt-v3-OSR wiki.

One Shot Radiance is an experimental rendering engine based on PBRTv3 that uses a neural network to predict indirect illumination, with full Global Illumination support, support for a wide range of materials, and no need for precomputation.

One Shot Radiance is capable of high performance Global Illumination with a very low noise level, and is a useful biased ray tracer for use cases that don't require physically correct output, but need noise-free indirect illumination that looks convincing in most cases.

I have written a paper about the project, and I will add a link to it once its review process is completed and it is approved (hopefully!).


There are different ways to obtain PBRTv3-OSR:

1 - Blender plugin with PBRTv3-OSR included

A blender installable package with all PBRT binaries included.

Tested on Ubuntu linux 64bit


2 - PBRTv3-OSR only


3 - PBRTv3 Blender Exporter Plugin only

Blender exporter only. Compatible with vanilla PBRT.


4 - From source



Exporter: blendPBRTv3

Info about the One Shot Radiance modification of PBRTv3 will be published once the paper is approved (expected for October 2018).

OSR vs Path

Comparison Images

OSR Usage Guide for the command line version

Command Line Usage Info